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2015-16 Colorado Rice Drive
LMO will be hosting is rice drive for families in need this winter. Instant noodles and bags of rice will be handed out to those families in need. LMO has been raising funds for this drive since December 1, 2015. Anyone is welcomed. First come, first served.
Location: 2851 S. Parker Road, Ste 760, Aurora, CO
Phone: 303-632-7172
First come, first served.

LMO, will sponsor on February 2, 2016, a rice delivery campaign for families in need this winter. These bags of rice and instant noodles will be delivered to families who need it.
LMO, has raised funds to carry out this campaign from December 1, 2015. Anyone who attends will be welcome. Deliveries will be carried out, as each person arrives
Local: 2851 S. Parker Road, Ste 760, Aurora, CO
Telephone: 303-632-7172

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Despite the winter storm, LMO distributed 900 bags of rice and 300 packages of noddles to the community. Thank you to all who contributed and participated. 346 individuals and 17 organizations received the donations. Thank you also to the City of Aurora for its help. Happy Korean New Year!
Please visit our Facebook page to see photographs at And like our facebook page. Happy Korean New Year!

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Aurora Sister City International (ASCI) named Sanghun Lee as Global Ambassador of the Month. Here the organization had to say about Mr. Lee in the newsletter:

Sanghun Lee, Esq. Has been a dedicated member of ASCI since last year. This month, Lee, His colleagues, and volunteers distributed 900 packages of rice and 400 packages of noodles to help 400 members and 20 Community Organizations in and around the City of Aurora at the Law Offices of Lee, Myers & O’Connell, personal injury and accident attorneys. The rice drive has been a tradition at the firm for three years. Lee devotes his time to the South Korea Sister City Committee and his signature to the Galaxy Sponsor of the Seongnam City Delegation.

For more about the Seongname City Delegation event from March 28 to 30, 2016 click here.