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Car Crashes Resulting From Breaking Driving Safety Rules

Most Car Wrecks We Handle Are Caused By Distracted Driving

Majority of the car crash cases our firm handles are often caused by caused by a distracted driving which can cause: T-Bone collisions, roll overs, truck accidents, and bus accidents.

We also take cases where people have been hit simply walking across the street when drivers have their attention focused on cell phones. Unfortunately, many of our cases involve people who have been seriously injured in these kinds of collisions.

Get Back To Where You Were Prior To The Accident

Our focus is making sure the person who is injured gets back to the position they were in prior to the accident or gets compensation for the harms done to them. The process is divided into three phases: 1. Treatmean Phase. 2. Settlement Phase. 3. Trial Phase.

The treatment phase is where the client becpmes a patient. The client seeks out professional medical advice and treatment for the injuries with his or her doctors. With good luck and proper treatment, the client gets better.

The settlement phases is where the attorney makes a claim to the insurance company that covers the loss. Here, the attorney tries to settle the case without having to put the client through the time and expense of a trial.

The trial phase is where the attorney tries the case if it does not settle. When the insurance company involved does not propose a reasonable settlement, we present the case to a jury and ask the jurors to decide what should happen and determine the value of the case.

Making Unsafe Driver’s Pay For Injuries They Cause

Personal injury law is based on the principle that the at-fault party should make the injured party whole again. Let's face it, everyone would rather not be injured than just get money for their claim. Sometimes, the person never returns to the condition that he or she was in before the injury.

We call this permanent injury. Beside permanent injury, the law can never give the injured person back his or her loss of time for going to the doctor, experiencing daily pain and not being able to live life to its fullest during the injury. Our goal is to help get your life back on track and make you as whole as can be. We also try our best to get the only thing that our system allows - compensation for your injury.

In A Crash? Help Us Help You

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Slip And Fall Attorney

Slip and falls are caused by dangerous conditions on property such as wet floors, foreign substances or even snow and ice accumulation.

Whether the landowner will be held responsible for the slip and fall often is based on what you were doing at the time of the fall. If you were on the property to conduct business, then you are considered an “invitee” and are owed the highest standard of care. If you were a “social guest” such as going to a party, then you are owed a somewhat reduced obligation. If you were a trespasser you are owed the most reduced duty of care. Having an attorney familiar with the duties that a landowner owes you if a slip and fall occurs is important.

A landowner is also required to follow state and local laws regarding the construction of a building or the removal of snow and ice. Whether your slip and fall is the responsibility of the landowner or landlord also depends on an analysis of local and state laws.