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Aviation Accident LawyerJohn has been representing those involved in aircraft accidents for over 30 years. In the past few years, aviation accident lawyer and commercial pilot John O’Connell has represented families of those killed in aircraft that have crashed in the mountains throughout Colorado; those injured in helicopter crashes in mountainous terrain; those hurt in aviation instruction crashes; as well as those hurt in large airliner accidents and emergency evacuation incidents. He has also represented families of those killed in air show accidents as well as mid-air collisions. He is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, and Hawaii.

John started litigating aviation cases while practicing in Boston, Massachusetts. He then expanded his practice to Florida, Colorado and then Hawaii. He has been lead attorney in aviation cases nationally. He is available for consultation, co-counsel and direct representation on aviation related plane crash cases.

Reasons For A Plane Crash

There can be a number of reasons why a plane or helicopter crash occurred. The proper investigation of these claims require familiarity with and careful analysis of flight theory, Federal Aviation Regulations, NTSB reports, human factors, pilot background, training, product liability law and aircraft operation. These types of aviation crashes require a hands on investigative approach. Knowledgeable interviews with pilots, fixed based operators, instructors, trainers and on-the-ground witnesses makes a huge difference in the establishment of liability for these accidents.

A proper search and evaluation of aircraft maintenance records, weather reports, witness statements, technical aircraft component part reports, component analysis, prior accident history, FAA records, NTSB crash database, the mode and manner of the crash, aircraft crash debris and wreckage patterns, expert analysis, air traffic control records, airman qualifications, and a variety of other considerations has to be properly evaluated. This is where years of aviation experience and technical training can make a huge difference in determining who or what is at fault for the aviation crash. John is familiar with the general aviation regulations for aircraft operation. He has been involved in litigation of multiple large airliner accidents, mid-air collisions, air fires, airshow small plane accidents and other types of plane and helicopter crashes.


Experience In Aviation Litigation Matters

Aviation Accident LawyerJohn has been flying since 1978. He is a member of the Lawyer/Pilots Bar Association, Colorado CTLA and the AAJ Aviation Law section. He is one of few attorneys with pilot credentials and experience preparing aviation cases. If you would like to have John take a look at your case please call, email or provide your information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.