Car Accident Attorneys

Car Accident Attorneys

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

We are experienced car accident attorneys that serve Colorado and Massachusetts.  We are proud to be the highest rated attorneys in the area as our past clients rate us highly on Google, with numerous 5-star reviews.  Our firm handles all sorts of car accidents and personal injury cases.  We have successful experience in rear-end collisions, T-bone collisions, and rollovers.  Many of the cases we handle are caused by distracted drivers.

Get Back to Where You were Prior to the Car Accident

As car accident attorneys, our focus is on helping you get back to your life before the accident.  Some injuries are severe and some can be permanent.  Your job is to get better while we fight for the compensation you deserve.  We work hard to hold the person that hit you accountable and to bring you results.

While you treat your injuries with your doctors, we work with all insurance companies involved.  We vigorously pursue claims against the party that caused the car accident.  Our car accident attorneys will analyze all insurance policies involved, including your own policy.  We negotiate on your behalf and try to find an agreement without a lawsuit.  However, sometimes insurance treats you unfairly or acts unreasonably.  When insurance treats you wrongly, we are prepared to go to trial and hold them accountable.  Our car accident attorneys have decades of combined experience and success with insurance companies and the courtroom.

Holding Unsafe Drivers Accountable

When someone causes a car accident, they should be held responsible.  Sometimes, no amount of money will bring a person back to the condition they enjoyed before an accident.  However, you should still be treated fairly and have your voice heard.  Our car accident attorneys have the experience to fight for what you deserve.

The law allows for compensation for permanent injuries.  You may also be compensated for loss of the quality of life, scarring, inconvenience, and emotional distress, among others.  A broken bone can heal, but what about the long-term pain that comes as you grow older?  Our car crash attorneys understand how an injury can impact you many years in the future.  We understand the avenues of recovery and are ready to fight for what you deserve.

We stand side by side with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in wanting to make our roads safer for everyone.

What to do if you are involved in a car crash - Hear from a Car Accident Attorney

What to do in a car crash

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If you have been injured in a car accident, contact an experienced car accident attorney today.  Chat via text message with an attorney now using our chat box to the right.  You may also call today for a free review of your case.

Top Rated Car Accident Attorneys - Hear From our Clients

I would strongly recommend Lee, Myers & O'Connell! I worked with Brett Myers and Jacquelyn Yellowmoon on my case. I was in an accident where we were re-ended with my young boys in the car. Throughout the process, they checked in just to see how my kids and I were doing. They were quick to respond to questions and they were patient with me when I was not! I was pleasantly surprised at the final outcome and even though my case was a 'small one,' they worked hard and I would absolutely recommend Mr. Myers!

-Laura Miller's Five Star Google Review

Lee, Myer's & O'Connell has an amazing team who work very hard to take great care of you. They treated us like we were part of their family by putting in great time and effort to help us. Would recommend them to all my family and friends!

-E Min's Five Star Google Review

Here at Lee, Myers & O'Connell they work hard for you and your family to ensure that you and your family and taken care of mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. I hope to never be in another serious accident again, but if I am I will definitely use their services again and recommend everyone to use their services.

-Tony Griffiths' Five Star Google Review