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Interstate highway accidents occur in Colorado as the population increases. The population of Colorado is 5.7 million people and on the rise. 700,000 people live in Denver. The median age in Colorado is 36 years old, which is very active demographic.

As the media reported after one horrific highway crash in 2019, “I-70 is Colorado’s vital east-west highway that connects the mountains with the plains and traffic has grown worse as the state’s population has boomed.”

More people. More cars. More traffic. More congested highways and interstate roadways. More congestion, more bad driving decision. More motor vehicle accidents and automobile collisions.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigates serious on the country’s highways.

Interstate Highways in Colorado

Currently, Colorado’s interstate and intrastate highways that attract a lot of traffic are

  • I-25 which runs from the southern tip of the state to Wyoming through the heart of Denver
  • I-70 which takes people from Kansas to Utah through the Rocky Mountains and all its ski areas and parks
  • I-225 which runs through Aurora, an expanding city next to Denver
  • C-470 and E-470 which form a circle around the greater Denver metro-area

Insterstate highway accidents occur for a variety of reasons on these roads: rush hour causes stop and go traffic, snowy weather brings about conditions that make driving difficult, people speeding, distracted driving. Our personal injury attorneys analyze each case to prepare the claim and possible lawsuit.

Road Rage

Because interstate highway are more crowded, aggressive driving and road rage are common problems. Road rage has even resulted in shootings and death.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, examples of aggressive driving are “Some examples of aggressive driving behaviors are moving violations that put other motorists at risk, such as improper lane changes, following too closely, weaving, passing on the shoulder, and speeding.”

The Colorado State Patrol recommends that “when observing an aggressive driver that is putting other motorists at risk, the aggressive driver should be avoided by getting out of the way, not making eye contact or giving any indication of disapproval of their driving behavior.”

In Colorado, you may report an aggressive driver to the Colorado State Patrol.

See our page on distracted driving and hit and run collisions to learn about other problems on our roadways.

Complexities of a Highway Accident

An interstate highway accident may be serious enough to involve collision reconstructionist experts from the police. In Colorado, the Colorado State Patrol investigates many of the interstate collisions.

A reconstruction police report may include, photographs, witness statements, narratives from the officers’ investigation, drawings, calculations of speed, direction and motion, video of the scene, measurements of skid marks and thrown objects, black box evidence.

It is important to hire an attorney quickly so that the attorney can get a copy of the police report, analyze it and understand the facts of the case. The case may require hiring an expert collision reconstructionist to review the police report and put together the evidence to present at a civil trial.

The attorney may also need to attend traffic and criminal court hearings, which occur shortly after the collision to listen to statements by the at-fault party and obtain a list of evidence the prosecutor has for the case.

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