Loss of Wages After a Car Accident in Aurora, Colorado

Loss of Wages After a Car Accident in Aurora, Colorado

Getting hurt in a car accident often leaves victims with more than bodily injuries. Recovering from a wreck often means time off work — and without a steady income, some people find themselves in an unstable financial position. Fortunately, Colorado law allows individuals to seek compensation for lost wages when someone else is responsible for a crash. 

If you suffered injuries in a collision, you can request compensation for your lost wages from the at-fault party’s insurance company or by filing a personal injury lawsuit. A successful loss of wages claim enables you to recover the money you lost while recuperating from your injuries. An experienced car accident attorney from Lee, Myers, & O’Connell, LLP can help gather the evidence you need to support your case. Call or contact us today for a free consultation. 

 You need evidence of your lost wages after a car wreck. The documentation you must provide the insurer depends on the circumstances but can include:

  • Lost wage amount Your employer can write a statement indicating the wages you lost (or will lose) due to your injury. The letter should be on company letterhead with your employer’s signature. Attaching previous pay stubs or tax returns can also help prove your loss of wages.
  • Medical status Your medical records establish that you sustained injuries in the car accident. Your doctor can include a statement or write notes explaining how your injury interferes with your ability to work.
  • Expert witness affidavits Your car accident attorney can turn to experts, such as vocational specialists and medical providers, to prepare a signed affidavit about the effects of your injury on daily life. It should explain why your injury prevents you from completing your job-related duties.

How to File a Loss of Wages Claim After a Car Accident in Colorado

Speaking with a car accident lawyer before settling an injury claim with the insurance company is always wise. Your attorney can determine whether the responsible party’s insurance policy includes coverage for lost wages. Everyone who registers a motor vehicle in Colorado must carry liability insurance. This coverage could pay an injured person’s lost wages up to the policy limit.

If you can no longer work or earn less income due to the crash, obtain a loss of wages form from your employer. Also, print copies of your pay stubs, tax forms, and other documentation to support the amount of lost wages you claim. 

Your lawyer can file your claim and submit the necessary evidence of lost wages to the insurance company. If the insurer denies your claim, filing a lawsuit might be the next step to recover the compensation you deserve.

Can I Recover Lost Wages After a Car Accident if I’m Partly to Blame?

In Colorado, car accident victims can potentially obtain compensation even if they are partly responsible for a crash. Each party is assigned a percentage of fault for their role in causing the collision. Then, their compensation is reduced by that percentage. 

Be aware that Colorado law dictates that individuals cannot obtain compensation for loss of wages if they are more than 50 percent liable for an accident. This rule means the insurance company for the other party will push aggressively to place the bulk of the blame for the collision on your shoulders. A skilled car accident lawyer can fight so you are not assigned an unfair portion of the fault and under-compensated.  

Injured in a Car Accident and Lost Wages as a Result? Speak With an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Now

The law firm of Lee, Myers & O’Connell, LLP has more than three decades of experience standing up for injured clients. We have an outstanding track record of success, both at trial and in settlement negotiations. When you hire us, we will provide the guidance and support you need as we fight for the best outcome possible in your case. If you suffered a loss of wages due to a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact us now for a free consultation.

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