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We are in this diverse community to speak for your safety.  

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving the City of Aurora, Colorado

Lee, Myers & O'Connell is a personal injury law firm in the heart of the city of Aurora, Colorado.  We help people from all walks of life with their personal injury claims.  Please refer to our practice areas.

We reflect Aurora

Aurora is a growing city.  Aurora sits at 5,471 feet (1,668 meters) high above the ocean.  It has a population of over 350,000 people and when combined with Denver makes up a large metropolitan area measured across the United States.

Aurora is a diverse city with populations of African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and immigrants from all over the world. 20% of Aurora population is foreign born. Our law firm is also diverse and reflects Aurora.

Aurora is multi-lingual and multi-cultural.  Our office is as well.  We speak Korean, Spanish and French.  We help people from Korea, Mexico, Peru, Chile Guatemala, Honduras, Senegal, Haiti, Germany, Togo, Russia, Ethiopia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, China, India to name a few places.

Medical and Other Emergency Services in Aurora

If you have been injured due to another person's carelessness, you should seek medical attention immediately.  Aurora has a number of emergency facilities.

The paramedics may be reached by calling 911.

Medical Center of Aurora

University of Colorado Hospital

Centennial Medical Plaza

Other resources:

Aurora Police Department

Aurora Fire Department

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department

Top Ten Things to Remember when Involved in a Car Accident in Aurora

  1. Call for help.  You may not know the extent of your injuries. It is smart to have the police, fire or paramedics come to the scene to check you out.
  2. Get the At-fault driver's information.  Take a picture of the at-fault driver's license plate and car.  Take a picture of the at-fault driver's license and registration.  If the driver will not give it to you, take a picture of the driver.  Sometimes people will flee the scene of the crash making the accident a hit and run.
  3. Document the accident.  Call the police so that the officers can document the crash.  People may leave the scene.  People may have a different version of events.  Let the authorities sort it out.
  4. Take more pictures. Take pictures of the scene from several angles. If you cannot take pictures, call friends or family out to the scene to help you.  Take pictures of the position of the cars.  Take pictures from afar and close up of the damage to the cars and any property including trees, curbs, light posts - anything that shows how the crash happened.
  5. Get names and contact information of witnesses. Look around.  See who witnessed the car accident.  Get their name, phone number, email address and home address.  If you cannot, ask a friend or family member to come to the scene and help you.
  6. Do not talk to the insurance companies. Your insurance company. The at-fault driver's insurance company may call you immediately.  Do not talk to them.  The record all their calls and will use information they get from you to their advantage and your disadvantage. Tell them you will call them back.  Talk to an attorney first to know your rights and the insurance companies' responsibilities.
  7. Talk to a personal injury attorney. Talk to an car accident attorney about your right to compensation and the legal process.  Ask about what the insurance company has to do to make things right.  The consultation is free.
  8. Gather your documentation. Before you meet with a personal injury attorney, gather your photographs, witness list, insurance documentation including a copy of your declarations page that shows your coverage and anything else related to the car accident like medical records, medical bills or the police report. This will help the attorney review your case with you. 
  9. Forget about using Social Media. Do not post, email, text, message or use any type of social media to talk about what happened.  Call family and friends and let them know how you are.  Insurance companies may be watching your social media.  Make it private and wait to start using it again until after your case is over and you are better.
  10. Make a plan to get better. Sit down with people you trust and figure out what help you need to get back on your feet. You may not want to reach out to people but now is the time. Injuries take time to heal.  You may need help with meals, rides, laundry or other daily activities you could do before. Let your body heal and your friends and family help you out.

What People in Aurora Say about Our Personal Injury Representation

Lee, Myers & O'Connell is extremely professional. They are fast and the care about there client's. I Would recommend you give them a call for any auto accident needs.

-Marion Quint's Five Star Google Review

이상훈 변호사의 친절하고 차분차분한 설명과 대응에 교통사고로 받은 몸과 마음의 상처가 깔끔이 치유되었답니다.

-Peter Chi's Five Star Google Review

Brett Myers does fine work. He won't let go until the job is done and is a great communicator throughout the process. Thanks Brett

-Sandy Buckstein's Five Star Google Review

We are proud to serve the Aurora Community.  Please talk to us about your distracted driving, car accident, truck accident, motor cycle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or other personal injury case.  We would be glad to assist you.