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Slip and Fall Accidents and Litigation

Slip And Fall Attorney for Premises Liability Cases

Slip and falls are caused by dangerous conditions on property such as wet floors, foreign substances or even snow and ice accumulation.

Whether the landowner will be held responsible for the slip and fall often turns on what you were doing at the time of the fall. If you were on the property to conduct business, then you are considered an “invitee” and are owed the highest standard of care. If you were a “social guest” such as going to a party, then you are owed a somewhat reduced obligation. If you were a trespasser you are owed the most reduced duty of care. Having an attorney familiar with the duties that a landowner owes you if a slip and fall occurs is important.

A landowner is also required to follow state and local laws regarding the construction of a building or the removal of snow and ice. Whether your slip and fall is the responsibility of the landowner or landlord also depends on an analysis of local and state laws.