Making an Insurance Claim

Making a Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Insurance companies owe you a duty of good faith


Before you make an insurance claim, find out what you are getting into.

After an injury, our first reaction to is figure how bad we are hurt.  If we think the injury may be serious enough, we head to the emergency room to get check out, we go to urgent care or we make an appointment with a doctor.

A question that often arises is who is going to pay for the medical bills.  Then we remember that some kind of insurance may cover our injuries, losses and harms.

We may have the urge to call the insurance company to report the injury and see how the medical bills will be paid.  In this moment, all we may be thinking about is getting better and getting the medical bills paid.  We expect that the insurance company is going to pay for the medical bills and we can move on with our lives.

This is especially true in a hit and run car accident where you will be looking to your insurance company for help.

This is a mistake. Insurance companies’ mission is to save the company money and pay as little of the personal injury claim as they can.  An insurance company is a business.  Its goal is to protect its assets and make a profit.

Before you speak to the insurance company about your personal injury, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to understand your rights and the insurance company’s obligations and responsibilities.

State governments heavily regulate insurance companies.  Insurance companies have laws and rules to follow.  They have industry standards to which they must adhere.  We help people with insurance claims in Colorado and Massachusetts.

Insurance Company’s Basic Responsibilities when Evaluating Insurance Claims

  • Evaluate the personal injury insurance claim
  • Pay the insurance claim for personal injury
  • Pay all categories of the personal injury insurance claim
  • Deal fairly with you
  • Be honest with you
  • Act in good faith

Talk to a personal injury attorney before you call the insurance company.  They are prepared for your call.  Are you prepared to call them?  You should know what you are required to tell them and what they are required to do for you.

Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company for the person that hit me?


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It was a minor car collision accident due to the mistake of the opponent, but it was very hard due to the impact on my left shoulder, and the molar was injured, but the insurer recognized that it was a minor collision accident and did not have much will to compensate. but I am very grateful to Lee, Myers & O'Connell LLP for being able to receive a lot of reimbursement for the unexpected treatment and a strong impetus for the insurance company that only accepts repair of the vehicle and simple medical expenses. hope nobody gets to have an accident, but if you have an accident one day, I strongly recommend you to knock Lee, Myer & O'Connell LLP's strong law firm.

-Charles Han

I was involved in a terrible accident that was extremely complex involving multiple claims. I found the Law Office of Lee Myers and O’Connell and asked for their help. 

Being in a big accident is scary thing and a lot of the times you don’t know what to do or what steps to take and in these moments you need one thing from a lawyer and that’s a lawyer that cares.  This is a law office you can trust and I truly believe they are great lawyers.

-Martin Vu

was in an auto accident with my wife and a friend. I could not work as a result of the accident. Brett Myers took great care of my friend as well as my wife and me. However the insurance company (Geico) was refusing to reimburse me for my lost wages which resulted from the accident. Brett was able to negotiate to recover my lost wages. If you need a professional, hard-working attorney who will get you what you deserve, you need to go through Brett Myers.

-Levi Cramer

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